Plastic injection

The company has many diverse high-quality manufacturers that make it possible to execute other pre- or post-injection work, such as painting and assembly, executing the project at a high level under the company's close supervision. 

  • Mass production
  • High Quality Optical parts
  • Micro-Injection
  • Clean room
  • Insert molding
  • Unscrewing
  • Collapsible Core
  • Double Injection
  • IML
  • Painting
  • Printing
  • Coating
  • Ultra-sonic welding
  • Sub-assemblie

Injection molds

Injection molds of uncompromising quality based on a range of technologies operated by highly experienced manufacturers under professional supervision. 

  • High Quality Molds
  • Multi cavity
  • Hot runner system
  • Insert molding
  • Over-molding
  • Unscrewing
  • Collapsible Core
  • Double Injection
  • IML
  • Blow molding

Metals processing

Metal casting using a range of technologies, including extrusion, machining, high pressure injection, and more.

  • Die casting
  • Sand casting
  • Lost foam casting
  • Extrusion
  • Precision machining
  • CNC (3, 4, 5 axis)
  • Automatic lathe
  • Die Punches
  • Progressive die punches
  • PIM, MIM & CIM

Technical procurement

The company executes technical procurement of many kinds, such as screws, cables, connectors, insulation materials, and assembly equipment. 

Acquisitions are carried out directly with top-tier manufacturers, supervised and tested by the company's quality control system, while ensuring competitive prices and a high level of availability. 

Full Trunkey projects

The company specializes in setting up production lines to execute primary and secondary assembly, including PCBA’s and related components such as screws, connectors, etc.
The company has an independent QC and QA system continuously and professionally supervising and monitoring production lines.